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Daniël van Nes

Dutch artist Daniël van Nes (NL) creates an interdisciplinary art universe called SellFable. His intricate and meticulously-constructed works include illuminated engravings, drawings, mural paintings, soundscapes and large scale immersive installations. 

His style is renowned for being distinctive and visually striking, characterized by a dark, surreal, and often gothic aesthetic. This unique approach is evident across his diverse body of work, all marked by a moody, mysterious ambiance and innovative, experimental techniques.

Visual Art & Concepts

Daniel van Nes is a distinguished artist known for his versatile approach, seamlessly blending autonomous art with commissioned works across various domains. His creative endeavors extend into the realms of theater, music, and museums, where he collaborates with a diverse array of clients.

Van Nes has built a robust portfolio of partnerships with notable figures and entities, including Amanda Palmer, Jonathan Davis of KORN, Dark Fortress, Flip Noorman, Blaas Of Glory, Polluted Inheritance, Hitsiu, TenneT, STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam, Urban Nation in Berlin, Hybrid Music Vibes at Effenaar and collaboration with renowned cellist Jo Quail.

Daniël lives and works in Capelle aan den IJssel, close to Rotterdam, in The Netherlands.

Get In Touch

Get in touch by sending email to: studio at danielvannes dot nl.


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